Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NBC Celebrity Golf Tournament

What a weekend!
NBC Television, American Century Investments, and Edgewood Resorts invited Guy and the Krew to their celebrity (Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Ray Romano, Chuck Liddell) Golf Tournament in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Because most of us only golf when windmills are involved we decided to stick with what we know…food, fun, and phat tunes.
The people at Edgewood were crazy kewl and let us roll in with Guy’s jacked up nitrous powered golf cart and Dirty P’s limo golf cart…AC/DC blasting.

When we got to our Kulinary Kompound near the 17th hole we fired up the wok and started serving “Pork En Feugo” sandwiches…yep the same ones Guy debuted on the Leno Show.

Then Guy got the bright idea to take our t-shirt cannon and fire t-shirts across the fairway to the crowd who had docked their boats along the shore of Lake Tahoe.

Everybody loved it until somebody in the Krew forgot to tell Guid that Charles Barkley was near-by, and just addressing his errant drive when….ka-bloom!....

Guy fired a t-shirt to a frenzied crowd….
Mr. Barkley…
Sir Charles…
we are SOOOO sorry.
Blame Guy’s manager who is supposed to know everything. It all turned out as we met Charles in the club house after the tournament and he turned out to be the coolest guy. Chuck and Guy made a promise to cook together soon. A big thanks to everyone at NBC, Jimmie Roberts, Dan Hicks and Roger Maltby; Phil Weidinger, everyone at Edgewood who treated us like kings, American Century Investments, Brown-Foreman (wow these kats know how to throw a party), and Sonoma County’s king of bubbles, Gary Heck of Korbel Wine. If we get time to come back next year…Guy said we are going to blow-that-place-up! Stay tuned

Photo Credit: Alan M. Poulin /

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Just wanted to give a little update on the Independence day celebration. Guy went camping and spent an awesome, relaxing 5 days way up in Northern California with the Family and a bunch of friends. We cooked a bunch of new recipes that were all off the hook. The water was great which meant Boating and Sea Dooing was a blast. There is some real cool events coming up in July so keep coming back to hear about them.