Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We left Portland headed for Boise which was really tough do to all the highways being closed due to ice. So we waited and waited and eventually we started driving it was a slow journey but well worth it the FANS in Boise rocked the foundation of this venue. They were loud and proud and that made for an out of bounds show.

Thanks Boise


Monday, December 28, 2009


With one of the shortest drives on the tour we left Seattle headed south for Portland where the weather was cold and snowing a little. What a great venue right in the heart of downtown Portland. Thanks Portland for some loud , crazy activity in the audience, you guys fought the weather and cold but brought it to the to the Guy Fieri Road Show anyways.

Thanks Portland



Busy day with media in Seattle so we decided to fly from Denver rather than drive, which took about 10 hours off of the journey to the cold windy North West. Seattle I gotta tell you from the food to the city to the fans that were out of control and loud. The venue was one of the coolest we had seen and you (the fans) made it a "AWESOME" show.

Thanks Seattle


Mile High City

After KC it was a long drive to the Mile High City for a Rock and Roll Kulinary show with Guy and the Krew, and Rock and Roll it was for sure. The venue was awesome and the crowd was out of bounds. There was a much needed day off before the show where we did a lot of xmas shopping for the family. Thanks Denver you were a great stop on the tour number 14.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Headed back south in the snow back to KC where we decided to stop this time and put on a show and show we did, with a packed house in a great venue we told stories, cracked jokes and made some killer food. KC was "MUNEE" Would like to put out a huge thanks to STRETCH (carney barker) for feedin us some amazing food at his restuarant in KC "GRINDERS" Awesome Pizza Pie. Thanks KC


"Council Bluffs IOWA"

After a long drive from Indiana to Council Bluffs in the cold snowy country side it was time too hit the 2nd Casino on the tour an did we hit it with a bang. A packed house of some crazy gamblers that were ready to party. It was a pretty small venue with a packed house of about 700. Buy let me tell 700 or 7000 these people never sat down for 2 1/2 hours WOW. Thanks Iowa you peeople can sure party you all are "OFF DA HOOK" Thanks


Monday, December 21, 2009

" The Horseshoe"

Rollin into One of Two Casinos on the tour, in Elizabeth Indiana just outside of Louisville Kentucky. We headed off to Sams club for an autograph session with over three hundred waiting to meet Guy in the cold cold weather.
This show was so loud and crazy we are still talking about it. Thanks Indiana you all rock.


Detroit City

The wind might have been gone but the cold sure wasn't. Detroit being show number 9 things were clicking and the show was in a rythym. The Detroit crowd was loud and proud and came to party and party they did. Thanks Detroit.



Hittin the windy city where it was cold, atleast it was cold for us cali boys. What a great town from the crazy loud fans that came to watch Guy rock the stage cookin and tellin stories to the awesome Chicago style pizza that is personally my favorite.

Thanks Chicago



Back from a GREAT Thanks Giving with the families it was off to Milwaukee for 6 in a row. The crowd in Milwaukee was crazy loud and a great time was had by all. We would like to thank the guys a Harley Davison for a great behind the scenes look at the factory. Thanks


Friday, December 18, 2009


The last stop and the seventh day in a row before we head home for Thanks Giving.Wow was Atlanta off the hook. What a crowd and what an amazing time. Special thanks to Chef Robert Irvine from Dinner Impossible for coming out and kickin it with us. We would love to Thank Gus for opening and providing us with some of the best back stage food ever. Wow the Lobsters were huge. Stay tuned after Thanks Giving it is off to Milwaukee for 6 in a row.