Saturday, October 24, 2009

Salute to our Military Men & Women

Just back from a wonderful trip in "da islands" of never ending surf...jaw dropping sunsets...crazy good food...and more convenience stores per square foot than I have ever seen. And it was cool because everybody wore flip-flops just like us...they must have known we were comin'. While we were there, Lieutenent-Colonel-General Christian Vaughn (our Krew member who coordinates our Armed Forces Entertainment effort) made arrangements with the Navy for some teaching time with their culinary experts in the mess hall and then we launched a brand new demo at Bloch Arena for 1400 military troops and their families. What a great time and appreciative crowd! Guy and I were joined on stage by Guy's son Hunter who can rock a demo and apparently the young ladies like him too! And the entire day couldn't have happened without the help of Bart Bauer, and Lara Katine who were wonderful.

We cannot thank the men and women who serve our country from around the world enough...and the families who hold down the fort at home deserve a big Whahooo thank you!!!!

Guid, Christian and I did some surfing...caught some monster waves...2 foot surf is monster right? The locals nickanmed me Babaloo, which I think is Hawaiian for "wicked good surfer."

"Ya bra, you Babaloo...howzit yo shorts hang so low?"

"Cuz you scare all the whackadoo fish away...maybe better you go in.", I heard that a lot.

Then later we went backstage at the Aerosmith concert, where we met the famous Ken Onion who produces some sick knives for folks like Alton Brown. The crew around the band were awesome and when Joe Perry's wife swung by to say hi, we all just melted! Big tough Brian Gates who protects Steven Tyler took care of Hunter with guitar picks, drum sticks, and a set list that will be coveted keepsakes for years! Oh, and to Tony Fedewa and his crew back guys da bomb!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

N.Y.C. is STILL talkin' !!!

The opening party a Chelsea After Dark to kick of the N.Y.C. Food & Wine Festival was a showcase for Guy and it apparently rocked even the most veteran N.Y. party goers. I am still getting emails about it! The band was off the hook throughout the night, backed by a sick light box featuring a picture of Guid shot at our famous Shoreline Show...(Ok, so we brought flames on stage and threw food...enough already!).

As guests came in to the "Knucklesandwich Party Palace" inside Chelsea Market, they were greeted by a giant neon sign that signaled...leave your inhibitions at the door! As soon as Guy showed up he was mobbed by fans. Thankfully we had some top notch security (Thanks Mike!!!) fully outfitted with the stern looks, earpieces for top secret communication, and military haircuts.

For a Guy who grew up in small towns in NorCal....Guy just had to look at the Palace and the throng of fans, and the media cameras shooting everything he did and say, " did THIS happen...I am the luckiest guy in the world."

We signed autographs and partied till we closed the joint. I think everyone had a good time...I did!! Special thanks to the Brookettes from the Brooks Group who not only coordinated all the media...but helped with pictures, crowd control, and autographs. "Chachi Rocks!".

Oh, by the way....if you attended...or even heard about our party in New York....wait until you see what we have planned for the South Beach Food & Wine Festival! We are doing a party that will make N.Y.C. look like Kinder-Gym...Get your tickets now!

Ok, let's talk tiki torches, half naked drummers, limbo, rum drinks, LIVE latin music, the beach, bikinis,...oh, and our own yacht moored off-shore for special VIP get-ta-know-ya' is ON baby!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signatures for one and all

With Guy not really being a "standout in the crowd type of person" with the blond hair; and the shades; and the rings; and the earrings; and the shorts; and the skater shoes; and the contagious laugh; he just blends right in... Ya right! People see him from a mile away laughing and having a great time all the time...walking down the streets... stopping and talking to anyone that will approach him! And his book signings? Well they are the same way-- crazy and fun. As you can see he left his mark!...permanently!

We would like to thank Harper Collins and Food Network for a great book signing in N.Y.C! Norina Li you rock!!! It ran very smoothly and everybody got an autograph and a picture. Pictures can be located at

Guy's new book will be out on November 3rd. Go to and you can get one already signed!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NYC Dinners

With Guy, Myself and Brunch off to dinner with Mario Batali... the Krew heads out on a dinner adventure of their own on the streets of N.Y.C. Chef Robert Irvine (and host of Dinner Impossible...shown in 41 countries!!!), his manager Randall, Guy's Manager Tom, the Princess of Pork Traci, and our NYC friend and Chef Carl went to Flex Mussels Restaurant. I understand they tried to "blend in"...not sure how well that worked out. From what they tell me dinner was great and the laughs were better.

Dinner with Mario was just as you would expect... Great food, Great wine, Great laughs and more cooking knowledge than I could EVER take in. We went to a restaurant in Greenwich Village called 10 Downings. Mario and Guy kept the table in stitches all night with Chef Michael Schlow adding in his unique brand of comedy too. My stomach was killing me from all of the laughs.

Thanks again for dinner Mario.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks, Thanks,Thanks

The New York City Wine and Food Festival would never have been the amazing off the hook weekend it was with out yelling out a BIG thank you to many many individuals that brought it all together.

Lee Schrager-Head of SOBE and NYCWFF.

Robert Cacciola-Headed and ran all logistics for Guys After Dark party.

John Lerardi- Designed Guys After Dark party and made it come to Life.

Lizzi Nuell- handles all of Guys logistics and event schedule.

There are so so many people behind the scenes from Chefs to Security to bands and on and on.

Guy Fieri and his team would like to thank all involved for making his experience at the NYCWFF one that will be never forgotten .

Thank you


Pork at the NYCWFF

So after 7 months of amazing Pork recipes in a nation wide contest to find The Next Pork Personality... it was time to pick that person at the New York City Wine And Food Festival. What a great place to pick a winner! With the competition down to 3 competitors...Dana Johnson from Rippon, CA, Robert Burmeister from Staten Island,NY, and Kristina Vanni from North Hollywood, CA. the tension was evident in all their faces. These three contestants got to make creations, discuss the stories behind them, while trying to impress the judges and National Pork Board spokesman Guy Fieri with their personality and food. Guy hosted this event as the final stop on the Pork tour to crown the new Pork Personality.

Guy's team and the Pork Board would like to thank everyone involved in this awesome adventure and offer congratulations to Dana Johnson for a 3rd place for her Hog Log and to Robert Burmeister for a runner up spot with his German Cuban Reuben Pork Burger...which by the way you can get at his restaurant "Chow Gourmet" in West Brighton, NY.

A "BIG CONGRATULATIONS" goes out to Kristina Vanni on her Spicy Asian Pork Tenderloin, making her the new pork personality and 5 grand richer. Congratulations!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home sweet Home

WOW was the Kendall Jackson, AMEX a great one. With right around a hundred people present it was a nice dinner out with a bunch of new friends. We would like to thank all the staff at Kendall Jackson for all of there support in pulling off a great sunset dinner.

Surprise surprise Guy was off and flying back to NYC for Ultimate Recipe Showdown and on his way home as I am writing. Back a day early before he is on a jet plane headed for some more of those great Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Saturday in the am he will be off to ? to eat some great food and make some funny TV.

Thanks for reading and check back soon