Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signatures for one and all

With Guy not really being a "standout in the crowd type of person" with the blond hair; and the shades; and the rings; and the earrings; and the shorts; and the skater shoes; and the contagious laugh; he just blends right in... Ya right! People see him from a mile away laughing and having a great time all the time...walking down the streets... stopping and talking to anyone that will approach him! And his book signings? Well they are the same way-- crazy and fun. As you can see he left his mark!...permanently!

We would like to thank Harper Collins and Food Network for a great book signing in N.Y.C! Norina Li you rock!!! It ran very smoothly and everybody got an autograph and a picture. Pictures can be located at

Guy's new book will be out on November 3rd. Go to and you can get one already signed!


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