Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pork at the NYCWFF

So after 7 months of amazing Pork recipes in a nation wide contest to find The Next Pork Personality... it was time to pick that person at the New York City Wine And Food Festival. What a great place to pick a winner! With the competition down to 3 competitors...Dana Johnson from Rippon, CA, Robert Burmeister from Staten Island,NY, and Kristina Vanni from North Hollywood, CA. the tension was evident in all their faces. These three contestants got to make creations, discuss the stories behind them, while trying to impress the judges and National Pork Board spokesman Guy Fieri with their personality and food. Guy hosted this event as the final stop on the Pork tour to crown the new Pork Personality.

Guy's team and the Pork Board would like to thank everyone involved in this awesome adventure and offer congratulations to Dana Johnson for a 3rd place for her Hog Log and to Robert Burmeister for a runner up spot with his German Cuban Reuben Pork Burger...which by the way you can get at his restaurant "Chow Gourmet" in West Brighton, NY.

A "BIG CONGRATULATIONS" goes out to Kristina Vanni on her Spicy Asian Pork Tenderloin, making her the new pork personality and 5 grand richer. Congratulations!

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