Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NYC Dinners

With Guy, Myself and Brunch off to dinner with Mario Batali... the Krew heads out on a dinner adventure of their own on the streets of N.Y.C. Chef Robert Irvine (and host of Dinner Impossible...shown in 41 countries!!!), his manager Randall, Guy's Manager Tom, the Princess of Pork Traci, and our NYC friend and Chef Carl went to Flex Mussels Restaurant. I understand they tried to "blend in"...not sure how well that worked out. From what they tell me dinner was great and the laughs were better.

Dinner with Mario was just as you would expect... Great food, Great wine, Great laughs and more cooking knowledge than I could EVER take in. We went to a restaurant in Greenwich Village called 10 Downings. Mario and Guy kept the table in stitches all night with Chef Michael Schlow adding in his unique brand of comedy too. My stomach was killing me from all of the laughs.

Thanks again for dinner Mario.

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