Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We left Portland headed for Boise which was really tough do to all the highways being closed due to ice. So we waited and waited and eventually we started driving it was a slow journey but well worth it the FANS in Boise rocked the foundation of this venue. They were loud and proud and that made for an out of bounds show.

Thanks Boise


Monday, December 28, 2009


With one of the shortest drives on the tour we left Seattle headed south for Portland where the weather was cold and snowing a little. What a great venue right in the heart of downtown Portland. Thanks Portland for some loud , crazy activity in the audience, you guys fought the weather and cold but brought it to the to the Guy Fieri Road Show anyways.

Thanks Portland



Busy day with media in Seattle so we decided to fly from Denver rather than drive, which took about 10 hours off of the journey to the cold windy North West. Seattle I gotta tell you from the food to the city to the fans that were out of control and loud. The venue was one of the coolest we had seen and you (the fans) made it a "AWESOME" show.

Thanks Seattle


Mile High City

After KC it was a long drive to the Mile High City for a Rock and Roll Kulinary show with Guy and the Krew, and Rock and Roll it was for sure. The venue was awesome and the crowd was out of bounds. There was a much needed day off before the show where we did a lot of xmas shopping for the family. Thanks Denver you were a great stop on the tour number 14.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Headed back south in the snow back to KC where we decided to stop this time and put on a show and show we did, with a packed house in a great venue we told stories, cracked jokes and made some killer food. KC was "MUNEE" Would like to put out a huge thanks to STRETCH (carney barker) for feedin us some amazing food at his restuarant in KC "GRINDERS" Awesome Pizza Pie. Thanks KC


"Council Bluffs IOWA"

After a long drive from Indiana to Council Bluffs in the cold snowy country side it was time too hit the 2nd Casino on the tour an did we hit it with a bang. A packed house of some crazy gamblers that were ready to party. It was a pretty small venue with a packed house of about 700. Buy let me tell 700 or 7000 these people never sat down for 2 1/2 hours WOW. Thanks Iowa you peeople can sure party you all are "OFF DA HOOK" Thanks


Monday, December 21, 2009

" The Horseshoe"

Rollin into One of Two Casinos on the tour, in Elizabeth Indiana just outside of Louisville Kentucky. We headed off to Sams club for an autograph session with over three hundred waiting to meet Guy in the cold cold weather.
This show was so loud and crazy we are still talking about it. Thanks Indiana you all rock.


Detroit City

The wind might have been gone but the cold sure wasn't. Detroit being show number 9 things were clicking and the show was in a rythym. The Detroit crowd was loud and proud and came to party and party they did. Thanks Detroit.



Hittin the windy city where it was cold, atleast it was cold for us cali boys. What a great town from the crazy loud fans that came to watch Guy rock the stage cookin and tellin stories to the awesome Chicago style pizza that is personally my favorite.

Thanks Chicago



Back from a GREAT Thanks Giving with the families it was off to Milwaukee for 6 in a row. The crowd in Milwaukee was crazy loud and a great time was had by all. We would like to thank the guys a Harley Davison for a great behind the scenes look at the factory. Thanks


Friday, December 18, 2009


The last stop and the seventh day in a row before we head home for Thanks Giving.Wow was Atlanta off the hook. What a crowd and what an amazing time. Special thanks to Chef Robert Irvine from Dinner Impossible for coming out and kickin it with us. We would love to Thank Gus for opening and providing us with some of the best back stage food ever. Wow the Lobsters were huge. Stay tuned after Thanks Giving it is off to Milwaukee for 6 in a row.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Nockin it out in Nashville

After a quick little 12 hour drive it was time to rock it in Nashville. From the killer breakfast and the Southern hospitality we were looking forward to a great show, and boy was it. The crowd in Nashville was a good one from the rowdy people in the front to the crazy people in the back, a good time was had by all.

Thanks Nashville the Country music capital of the world.

ROCKIN Raleigh, NC

Just a 4 hr drive from Norfolk we rolled into Raleigh, NC for show number 5 in 5 days. Catching a little shut eye in the hotel it was lunch time. So we walk downstairs and there is the largest parade we have ever seen going on. So we make a mad dash to get some lunch, but the fans caught up with us and we signed a ton of autographs and took a bunch of photos. What a great bunch of folks in Raleigh.

Headed to the event was a short walk, acrross the street, NICE. The crowd in Raleigh was big and they were ready to party and party they did. From young ones in stollers to there Grand Parents the whole town was there yelling and a screamin. From the opening local chef through our Flare bartender to the Guy road show on stage the people never let up. Hope all enjoyed themselves cause we had a blast.

Thanks Raleigh.


What a time we had in Norfolk, Starting the morning off with a local TV station that was killer. Guy and the Anchor host had a great time on air, that ran into Over time. After the TV show it was off to Doumars for some lunch. (featured on triple D). With a couple of hours of down time we headed over to Verizon to get our new phones activated. DROID. Wow what a cool phone.

Then it was off to the event and it was no different than the first 3 locations, what an off da hook crowd Norfolk was full of laughs and a lot of yelling and screamin. Being a Military town there was a ton of Military present having a great time. Thanks Norfolk.

We would like to throw out a huge THANK YOU to all in the Military that keep us free so we can travel around the country and entertain everyone.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tearin it up in Connecticut

Night 3 we were headed back East to Wallingford CT. to a packed house of rowdy, crazy Guy fans. With things a movin and a shakin, choppin and smack talkin we had the attention of all when Guy decides to bring out a special guest all the way from NYC none other than Sunny Anderson. And let me tell you that girl can rock and cook. Guy and Sunny took cookin and smack talkin to a new level. The party was still going on when the show was over.

Thanks for letting us rock your house Wallingford.

Thanks Sunny for coming down and hangin with us.



Stop 2 on the tour was "PHILLY" and let me tell you did it go off like an explosion.
What an awesome venue and a crowd that was OFF DA HOOK. With the opening act from a local chef "The Cheesesteak King" doing a Southwestern Chipotle Cheesteak that was the bomb. Then it was up to WOODY our Flare Mixologist from Australia to get the crowd on there feet mixing drinks and throwin bottles all over the place.

With that said it was now "GO TIME" and let me just say it was "MUNEE" Big crowd, loud music, drinks and some KILLER food.

Thanks Philly

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Where to start, well that would be Lowell Massachusetts just outside of Boston. With nerves on edge taking the crazy, loud, Guy cooking demo to a new level never seen before. Wow and is that exactly what happened, It was loudier, crazier and completely out of bounds and off da hook mayhem at the same time. Guy leading the way with me on the right, Dirty on the left DJ cobra in the back and Stretch (from Grinders in KC) it was an hour and 25 min of complete rock and roll cooking that the crowd loved and screamed for more.

Thanks Lowell for hosting the 1st night of the 30 day 22 city rock and roll road show.

Come back and see how Philly went.


"ROCK on Cleveland"

Cleveland Definately lives up to the Cleveland Rocks slogan!!!!

Headed into Cleveland Guy and his family rolled into to Cleveland with an entourage and started the night at the Youngstown Phantoms Hockey game where Guy and Joey Fatone dropped the puck. What a great game and we wish the Phantoms continued success. "GO PHANTOMS"

Then it was off to the I X Center outside of Cleveland for 3 on stage demos and 2 book signings. All I can say is Guy has so many fans in Cleveland. The place was packed all 3 times 2000 plus each show. And the autograph sessions were 2hrs non stop. Thanks Cleveland for putting on a great show, see yah next year.


Monday, November 9, 2009


First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of Blogs, due to I went on a little Vacation before the Guy Fieri Road Tour starts.

So now time for a little update on where and what Guy is doing. With the last Triple D shoot of the year ending in the Charlotte area it was off to NYC, where the term 25/8 has now been put into affect. Guy commented that this was by far the hardest and busiest week of his life. 6 days included the Release of his 2nd Book titled More Diners Drive Ins and Dives, The Today Show, Letterman, The View, Extra, 4 Book signings 45 radio and newspaper interviews, and that is just what I know about. I do also know that I am very jealous because he got to attend the final game of the World Series.

Home this past Sunday morning for another week of radio and newspaper interviews, at least they are from the comfort of his home. Stoked to be home for a few days with Lori and the Boys and then Thursday night it is off to Cleveland for the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show. And after that we are going to rock the US with the Guy Fieri Road Show, 21 cities in 30 days. We start on November 17th in Lowell, MA (near Boston) and end December 19th in Vegas. 21 cities in 30 days.

Check www.guyfieri.com to see if he is coming to a town near you!!!!

Come back and check out what is happening on the Tour, there will be daily Blogs from every venue.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Salute to our Military Men & Women

Just back from a wonderful trip in "da islands"...Hawaii...land of never ending surf...jaw dropping sunsets...crazy good food...and more convenience stores per square foot than I have ever seen. And it was cool because everybody wore flip-flops just like us...they must have known we were comin'. While we were there, Lieutenent-Colonel-General Christian Vaughn (our Krew member who coordinates our Armed Forces Entertainment effort) made arrangements with the Navy for some teaching time with their culinary experts in the mess hall and then we launched a brand new demo at Bloch Arena for 1400 military troops and their families. What a great time and appreciative crowd! Guy and I were joined on stage by Guy's son Hunter who can rock a demo and apparently the young ladies like him too! And the entire day couldn't have happened without the help of Bart Bauer, and Lara Katine who were wonderful.

We cannot thank the men and women who serve our country from around the world enough...and the families who hold down the fort at home deserve a big Whahooo thank you!!!!

Guid, Christian and I did some surfing...caught some monster waves...2 foot surf is monster right? The locals nickanmed me Babaloo, which I think is Hawaiian for "wicked good surfer."

"Ya bra, you Babaloo...howzit yo shorts hang so low?"

"Cuz you scare all the whackadoo fish away...maybe better you go in.", I heard that a lot.

Then later we went backstage at the Aerosmith concert, where we met the famous Ken Onion who produces some sick knives for folks like Alton Brown. The crew around the band were awesome and when Joe Perry's wife swung by to say hi, we all just melted! Big tough Brian Gates who protects Steven Tyler took care of Hunter with guitar picks, drum sticks, and a set list that will be coveted keepsakes for years! Oh, and to Tony Fedewa and his crew back stage....you guys da bomb!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

N.Y.C. is STILL talkin' !!!

The opening party a Chelsea After Dark to kick of the N.Y.C. Food & Wine Festival was a showcase for Guy and it apparently rocked even the most veteran N.Y. party goers. I am still getting emails about it! The band was off the hook throughout the night, backed by a sick light box featuring a picture of Guid shot at our famous Shoreline Show...(Ok, so we brought flames on stage and threw food...enough already!).

As guests came in to the "Knucklesandwich Party Palace" inside Chelsea Market, they were greeted by a giant neon sign that signaled...leave your inhibitions at the door! As soon as Guy showed up he was mobbed by fans. Thankfully we had some top notch security (Thanks Mike!!!) fully outfitted with the stern looks, earpieces for top secret communication, and military haircuts.

For a Guy who grew up in small towns in NorCal....Guy just had to look at the Palace and the throng of fans, and the media cameras shooting everything he did and say, "Wow...how did THIS happen...I am the luckiest guy in the world."

We signed autographs and partied till we closed the joint. I think everyone had a good time...I did!! Special thanks to the Brookettes from the Brooks Group who not only coordinated all the media...but helped with pictures, crowd control, and autographs. "Chachi Rocks!".

Oh, by the way....if you attended...or even heard about our party in New York....wait until you see what we have planned for the South Beach Food & Wine Festival! We are doing a party that will make N.Y.C. look like Kinder-Gym...Get your tickets now!

Ok, let's talk tiki torches, half naked drummers, limbo, rum drinks, LIVE latin music, the beach, bikinis,...oh, and our own yacht moored off-shore for special VIP get-ta-know-ya's....it is ON baby!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signatures for one and all

With Guy not really being a "standout in the crowd type of person" with the blond hair; and the shades; and the rings; and the earrings; and the shorts; and the skater shoes; and the contagious laugh; he just blends right in... Ya right! People see him from a mile away laughing and having a great time all the time...walking down the streets... stopping and talking to anyone that will approach him! And his book signings? Well they are the same way-- crazy and fun. As you can see he left his mark!...permanently!

We would like to thank Harper Collins and Food Network for a great book signing in N.Y.C! Norina Li you rock!!! It ran very smoothly and everybody got an autograph and a picture. Pictures can be located at guyfieri.com.

Guy's new book will be out on November 3rd. Go to www.guyfieri.com and you can get one already signed!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NYC Dinners

With Guy, Myself and Brunch off to dinner with Mario Batali... the Krew heads out on a dinner adventure of their own on the streets of N.Y.C. Chef Robert Irvine (and host of Dinner Impossible...shown in 41 countries!!!), his manager Randall, Guy's Manager Tom, the Princess of Pork Traci, and our NYC friend and Chef Carl went to Flex Mussels Restaurant. I understand they tried to "blend in"...not sure how well that worked out. From what they tell me dinner was great and the laughs were better.

Dinner with Mario was just as you would expect... Great food, Great wine, Great laughs and more cooking knowledge than I could EVER take in. We went to a restaurant in Greenwich Village called 10 Downings. Mario and Guy kept the table in stitches all night with Chef Michael Schlow adding in his unique brand of comedy too. My stomach was killing me from all of the laughs.

Thanks again for dinner Mario.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks, Thanks,Thanks

The New York City Wine and Food Festival would never have been the amazing off the hook weekend it was with out yelling out a BIG thank you to many many individuals that brought it all together.

Lee Schrager-Head of SOBE and NYCWFF.

Robert Cacciola-Headed and ran all logistics for Guys After Dark party.

John Lerardi- Designed Guys After Dark party and made it come to Life.

Lizzi Nuell- handles all of Guys logistics and event schedule.

There are so so many people behind the scenes from Chefs to Security to bands and on and on.

Guy Fieri and his team would like to thank all involved for making his experience at the NYCWFF one that will be never forgotten .

Thank you


Pork at the NYCWFF

So after 7 months of amazing Pork recipes in a nation wide contest to find The Next Pork Personality... it was time to pick that person at the New York City Wine And Food Festival. What a great place to pick a winner! With the competition down to 3 competitors...Dana Johnson from Rippon, CA, Robert Burmeister from Staten Island,NY, and Kristina Vanni from North Hollywood, CA. the tension was evident in all their faces. These three contestants got to make creations, discuss the stories behind them, while trying to impress the judges and National Pork Board spokesman Guy Fieri with their personality and food. Guy hosted this event as the final stop on the Pork tour to crown the new Pork Personality.

Guy's team and the Pork Board would like to thank everyone involved in this awesome adventure and offer congratulations to Dana Johnson for a 3rd place for her Hog Log and to Robert Burmeister for a runner up spot with his German Cuban Reuben Pork Burger...which by the way you can get at his restaurant "Chow Gourmet" in West Brighton, NY.

A "BIG CONGRATULATIONS" goes out to Kristina Vanni on her Spicy Asian Pork Tenderloin, making her the new pork personality and 5 grand richer. Congratulations!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home sweet Home

WOW was the Kendall Jackson, AMEX a great one. With right around a hundred people present it was a nice dinner out with a bunch of new friends. We would like to thank all the staff at Kendall Jackson for all of there support in pulling off a great sunset dinner.

Surprise surprise Guy was off and flying back to NYC for Ultimate Recipe Showdown and on his way home as I am writing. Back a day early before he is on a jet plane headed for some more of those great Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Saturday in the am he will be off to ? to eat some great food and make some funny TV.

Thanks for reading and check back soon

Friday, September 25, 2009

Work and Travel

With a loss by the Raiders it was now back to NYC Verona,NY to be exact for the Turning Stone Food and Wine, I was told it was a great time. I didn't make this event I decided to have a little rest and relaxation in Las Vegas. Yah right relaxation in Vegas not likely. I paid my dues and enjoyed the 105 degree temps.

After the great event at Turning Stone it was back to NYC for the filming of Ultimate Recipe Showdown, with 3 days of long hard shoots it was a 6am Friday flight back home for a VIP cooking demo tomorrow at a winery close to home. Kendall Jackson and American Express have partnered to put together a cooking demo and dinner for some of there best customers.

Haven't seen Guy yet he landed early this morning and was off and running, seeing how he is back on a plane to NYC early Sunday morning for another 5 days of Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Check back the end of the year is going to "CRAZY"


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NFL is here

Monday night in Oakland, What a great game until the end, ouch!!! The Raiders give it up in the end for a loss to the Chargers. Guy, Me, Dirty, Dustin, Goriila Rich and his business partner Jeff (Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica) Mike Bear and Messer had a great time. We hung out with Kenny Stabler and Chuck Lidell and had the opportunity to meet Ice Cube what a great group of guys. We would like to thank all of the Staff at the Oakland Coliseum for making an nail bitter bad game a great time.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day down time

What a Great weekend!!!! The drive is long but so worth it. 5am on Friday morning we are headed north to Guys cabin for a well needed rest on the lake. Guy and his family with myself and Dirty p and our better halfs on the road to relaxation. We all get there about noon and got set up, then it is off for a little wake boarding and seadooing before we figure out the nights eats. I can't tell yah about the new food we made but soon enough you will see it on the Food Network, as usual it was out of bounds. Saturday rain or shine, which it was raining "all day" we did alot of cooking and alot of trap shooting, my shoulder is still sore. Sunday was relaxing and then Monday the all dreaded I dont want to go home drive, YUCK. What a great weekend with friends and family. Hope you all had a great and safe Labor Day.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Food Networks Chefography

I hope you all had a chance to catch Food Networks Chefography on Guy. If I do say so myself with all I know about him, I could not have put together a more in depth look at where Guy came from, and what it took to get him where he is today. What a great job to all involved. If you have not seen it, beg, borrow, or steal someones Tivo and check it out, you won't be dissapointed.

Headed home!! But not Guy!!

With the Krew headed home on a 6am flight out of Buffalo Guy is headed to some great triple D locations in the Buffalo area, and then off to NYC to shoot Guys Big Bite at the Food Network Studios. That is 15 days straight, of shooting the shows you all love.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy all the new shows coming out.

On the Canadian Border

Pulling into Seneca Niagara late Saturday night for a little down time and great conversation about the days events, and planning for the SOLD out 2500 person cooking demo on Sunday night. With everybody off to bed Dirty P and myself decide to walk to Canada, cause how many people do you know that have walked into Canada?

So it is Sunday morning and we are off to Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours on the Niagara River. WOW is all I can say. If you ever get the chance to do this make it a priority on your list. 1800 horsepower jet boats that do donuts at speed, and proceed through class 5 rapids till you can’t take on anymore water. As Guy said this is “OFF DA HOOK”. We all would like to give a HUGE thanks to the staff at Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours for taking such great care of us. What an awesome experience!!!!!!

So time to eat and did we find an amazing place to eat with an incredible view. Water Street Landing in Lewiston NY, from the Mac and Cheese to the Lobster Bisque to the Filet Mignon sandwich on a pretzel roll, yes a pretzel roll. All I can say is this food was out of bounds. We would like to thank the staff for the tour of the facility and feeding 6 hungry guys some great great food.

It was now time to get back to the Casino for sound check, and stage set. Running late as always I have to give the staff at Seneca Niagara a huge thanks, everything was on point thank you very much.

The show was crazy, loud, and ran an hour over. With the show coming to a close it was a mad dash to the stage where Guy was signing anything people handed him.

Again a Big THANKS to everybody we came across in the Niagara area you all are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buffalo Wings in Buffalo

So back on the Thursday night Red Eye with the Krew. Had some new road trip boys with us this time, Pintor and Milich decided to tag along and see what Guido does on the road. Let me tell you that on the way home they were asking, When is the next trip? what a great time.

So it was Guy, Me, Dirty P, and the 2 new comers to the road and was it AWESOME. We rolled in on Friday afternoon for some pre shoot instructions and it was off to dinner for some Buffalo wings. Thanks to the Anchor Bar in downtown Buffalo for your Hospitality and the KILLER wings.

It was an early night due too the 6am call time for the shoot, I can't tell you to much about it at this time, I can tell you that it was out of bounds. A big thanks to all of the Cast and Krew that made this an great event. I can tell you that it airs on the Food Network on Oct. 17th, so set your Tivo to see another crazy show with Guy.

With Buffalo behind us on a late Saturday night we were headed to Niagara for a Cooking demo at Seneca Niagara.

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you all about it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Atlantic City Heat

Atlantic City started with a bang... hanging out backstage with Hall and Oates, what a great concert. I would like to put out a big thanks to all the staff at the Casino Borgata that helped us get into the concert and got us through the crowds.

From Autograph session--to personal appearances--the food all over AC was amazing. Thanks to Ceasars Executive Chef Kieth and his staff, you guys "ROCK"!!!

Saturday night we had a great meet a greet hangin' out with Food Celebrities Emeril, Duff, Ingrid Hoffman and Ted Allen to name a few.

But let me give you a little hidden secret in AC. White House has the most amazing sandwiches I personally have ever had. "OFF DA HOOK". If you get to AC you have to go eat there, make it number 1 on your list.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New York City on a Friday

Grabbing the Red Eye headed for NYC to meet Guy for a crazy Friday. Good Morning America in Central park live with Kelly Clarkson playing in the back ground to a huge crowd. "wow Kelly is awesome live".

After GMA it was off to a photo shoot for a magazine that was completely out of bounds. We have to put out a huge thanks to the Photograper Gavin Bond and his team, What an incredible shoot!!!!! Check back and I will let you know when it will be on the news stands.

Now it is off to Atlantic City New Jersey for the AC Food and Wine Festival. Let me tell you, does Jersey have some traffic or what WOW 3 plus hrs in stop and not going anywhere traffic. But what a cool time hangin with Guy for 3hrs and no interuptions. Priceless!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NBC Celebrity Golf Tournament

What a weekend!
NBC Television, American Century Investments, and Edgewood Resorts invited Guy and the Krew to their celebrity (Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Ray Romano, Chuck Liddell) Golf Tournament in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Because most of us only golf when windmills are involved we decided to stick with what we know…food, fun, and phat tunes.
The people at Edgewood were crazy kewl and let us roll in with Guy’s jacked up nitrous powered golf cart and Dirty P’s limo golf cart…AC/DC blasting.

When we got to our Kulinary Kompound near the 17th hole we fired up the wok and started serving “Pork En Feugo” sandwiches…yep the same ones Guy debuted on the Leno Show.

Then Guy got the bright idea to take our t-shirt cannon and fire t-shirts across the fairway to the crowd who had docked their boats along the shore of Lake Tahoe.

Everybody loved it until somebody in the Krew forgot to tell Guid that Charles Barkley was near-by, and just addressing his errant drive when….ka-bloom!....

Guy fired a t-shirt to a frenzied crowd….
Mr. Barkley…
Sir Charles…
we are SOOOO sorry.
Blame Guy’s manager who is supposed to know everything. It all turned out as we met Charles in the club house after the tournament and he turned out to be the coolest guy. Chuck and Guy made a promise to cook together soon. A big thanks to everyone at NBC, Jimmie Roberts, Dan Hicks and Roger Maltby; Phil Weidinger, everyone at Edgewood who treated us like kings, American Century Investments, Brown-Foreman (wow these kats know how to throw a party), and Sonoma County’s king of bubbles, Gary Heck of Korbel Wine. If we get time to come back next year…Guy said we are going to blow-that-place-up! Stay tuned

Photo Credit: Alan M. Poulin / www.alanpoulinphoto.com

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Just wanted to give a little update on the Independence day celebration. Guy went camping and spent an awesome, relaxing 5 days way up in Northern California with the Family and a bunch of friends. We cooked a bunch of new recipes that were all off the hook. The water was great which meant Boating and Sea Dooing was a blast. There is some real cool events coming up in July so keep coming back to hear about them.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food & Wine Shows

Just got a kool video from a fan who captured Guid's Off the Hook demo at the South Beach Food & wine show in February. It was great to hang out with Bobby, Rachel and Emeril. We had hoped buddy, Sammy Hagar might join us but he was rehearsing with his new band Chickenfoot in Hawaii. We did our best to make sure there was some "Sammy" in the house. Take a look at the video. Our buddy Dave at Super Slusher turned us on to the wildest margarita blender in the country! I think you'll agree, we had a good time.

We are going to take to the next level on June 13th at Great American Food & Music Festival at Shoreline Ampitheater. It will be craaazzzy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week of Radio

So Headed into the week of Mothers Day, (happy mothers day to all the Moms out there) Guy did radio show after radio show and interview after interview. He also met with the Governor of California and his wife for and amazing day at the Capital, leading up to "Cook with your Kids Day. Guy and Arnold had to have a little competition to see who had the biggest watch. I think Arnold won!!!!! On this day.

I have listed the radio stations Guy spoke with below.

· Rochester, NY (WHAM / ABC)
· Tonia’s Kitchen (National Radio)
· Gainesville, FL (WCJB / ABC)
· Columbus, OH (WTTE / FOX)
· Waco, TX (KWTX / CBS)
· Sacramento, CA (KXTV / ABC)
· Savannah, GA (WSAV / NBC)
· Johnstown, PA (WTAJ / CBS)
· Eugene, OR (KVAL / CBS)
· Washington, DC (Channel 8 / IND)
· Albuquerque, NM (KOB / NBC)
· Memphis, TN (WPTY / ABC)
· S. Carolina (Regional Radio)
· RFD ILL (Regional Radio)
· Tampa, FL (WFTS / ABC)
· Denver, CO (KTVD / UPN)
· Providence, RI (WPRI, WNAC / CBS, FOX)
· Lubbock, TX (KJTV / FOX)
· Toledo, OH (WTOL / CBS)
· Sacramento, CA (KMAX / CW)
· Bakersfield, CA (KBAK / CBS)
· Green Bay, WI (WLUK / FOX)
· Fresno, CA (KSEE / NBC)
· NAFB (National Ag Radio)
· Chigaco, IL (WBBM Radio)
· Dennis Miller (National Radio)
· Las Vegas, NV (KVVU / FOX)
· Portland, OR (KEX Radio)
· Des Moines, IA (WHO / NBC)
· Raleigh, NC (WRAL / CBS)
· Cincinnati, OH (WCPO / ABC)

We would like to thank the 31 stations for some great laughs and meeting some great people. Guy is looking forward to the next SMT.

With the SMT over it was a quiet mothers day starting with a great brunch and ending the day with an amazing dinner that Guy prepaired for his Mother.

With more TV and Radio to follow the next week.

Mid week we attended the first annual Jack Levar charity golf Tournament where the weather was awesome and everybody had a Great time. (we miss you Jack).

Keep looking back as we finish out the month of May, looking forward to a great June. Summer is here.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Derby Time

Let me just start off with " WOW" What an awesome event from the people in the Hats and Suits to the crazy fans to the great celebrities we got to meet and hang out with.

Friday morning started off with a couple of cooking demos by Guy during brunch and some photo oppotunities. After that we had a bit of down time and headed off to the Barnstable event across town which was a red carpet event. There were a ton of celebrities that were present and 10 thousand people standing by looking for there favorite celeb to come driving up.

The next day was Derby Day and like I said WOW what an amazing venue and a great time from the food to the people. From what I could tell a great time was had by all win or lose.

After the Derby we made a phone call and took over a restuarant in Old Town Louisville called Amica, the owner let us come in and take over he kitchen for what was supposed to be 30 people but it was more like 60.

Guy and I jumped right into our 6 courses we were going to feed our guests, while Amica was still turning food for there patrons that did not even know we were coming. So once the dinning room was empty Guy and I were hittin it hard in the Kitchen we had some guest that wanted to help us cook Matt Cassell ( quarteback for the KC Chiefs) Joey Fatone,Taylor Dayne and let me tell yah Joey can cook, but Matt he should stick to throwing touchdowns. With the night coming to and end of great food and stories it was time to go to bed 5am to the airport was coming fast.

So we are off to Los angeles for a lunch at Baby Blues an AWESOME BBQ joint in Hollywood. The food was OFF DA HOOK and all left Happy, and full.

The nights event was the finale of Fantasy Rock Camp. What a killer event that was, great music and some cool folks.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Guy Fieri and his teams would like to pay there respects to the Breakwell family and friends for there loss. The Breakwell family was co-owners of the Pizzalchik restuarant in the Boise Idaho area. Guy found out about Judy's passing while on DDD set in Chicago. Guy would like to send his thoughts and wishes to the family.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March Madness

With the little bit of Vaca in Febuary, March started off on Day one headed to Boise, ID for a week of Triple DDD. Back in time for the weekend. It was family and friends at the house telling stories and having some laughs. (alot of laughs).

Week two of March had phone interview after phone interview. Guy the went to Johnny Garlics (his restuarant in Sacramento) for a day of in house demos, meet and greets and a bunch of autographs. With the week coming to a close it was time for Family Circle to come to the house and do a shoot with the family. The shoot is over and Guy, me of course, and Brunch head off to San Diego for a shoot with the National Pork Board.

With the shoot over it is time for dinner and we want to cook, and cook we did. WOW. We went over to Guys buddy Phil Roxworth's place (Fixtures kitchen and bath in San Diego) where he had put together one amazing outdoor kitchen that we were the first ones to cook on. We cooked for some of his VIP's and all of his staff. What a spread and great time that was. With the night over we jumped on a plane and headed to a cold rainy Portland, OR for some more awesome locations of Triple DDD. We attended some great events in Portland for St Patricks Day. Boy do the people of Portland know how to celebrate the Holiday.

What was next in March JAY LENO. With cold portland in the past and sunny Los Angeles in our sight it was a Friday night Jay Leno visit. WOW big stuff here. Jay and Guy cooked some crazy stuff and the flames were OFF DA HOOK.

The Month ended with the shooting of Guys Big Bite in New York City, which has already started airing. Tune in on Sundays at 11am/10c to see Guy in all new episode.

Get back soon April was AWESOME.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Febuary is a little relaxing

After the Superbowl Guy came home to a crazy shoot schedule at the house with Family and Friends. People Magazine did a 2 page layout on Guy and his Family then it was Autoweek shooting the garage and all the Hotrods. When all the home shoots were done Guy took his Wife and Kids on a 10 day vacation to a warm sunny place.

Then back to reality at home for awhile spending lots of hours at the restuarants (which does not happen much with the intense on the road schedule).

It is now mid month and we are all off to Sunny Miami Beach, FL for the South Beach food and Wine Festival. Krew in attendance was everybody. Kleetus, Dirty P, Jimmy Mac, Dustin. What an event this was from Paula's after Hours Casino Party, to the Bubble Q to Rachael Ray's Burger bash it was fun in the sun and parties after dark.

Guy did Kidz kitchen (brought to you by Kelloggs) again this year with the largest turn out yet it was a packed house of SCREAMIN kids and there parents. Followed buy Guy,Kleetus and Dirty P getting in a Dunk Tank full of Milk and Fruit Loops for the kids to take their turn at trying to get us all wet.

With the food and wine festival over it is Triple D time in South Florida Ft. Lauderdale to be exact. 7 locations in 4 days what a great time, Great food in Sunny Florida. Does it get any better?

This takes Guy and the Krew through a somewhat relaxing, crazy, exciting Febuarary. Keep checkin back and see what went on in March it was "OFF DA HOOK"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

09 Kick Off

09 started off running the day after New Years with a trip to Dallas, TX to shoot Triple D. Then a week at Home and off to sunny Cabo San Lucas for a Food Network special with Michael Schlow. Krew members in attendance were Dirty P, The Spaniard, Jimmy Mac and Dustin.

After Cabo the Krew headed home and Guy took off for the Big Apple for some personal appearences and returned home just in time for his BIG BDAY Bash that was coordinated by Dirty P. Let me tell you it was the Bday bash of Bday bashes what a great time.

With the Bday bash in the past Guy and Dustin (no nickname) headed back to NY City to be on David Letterman followed by Regis and Kelly. After Regis and Kelly it was back on a plane headed for Tampa. SuperBowl time in the sun.

That gets Guy and the Krew through the first month of the Year.



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