Monday, November 30, 2009

ROCKIN Raleigh, NC

Just a 4 hr drive from Norfolk we rolled into Raleigh, NC for show number 5 in 5 days. Catching a little shut eye in the hotel it was lunch time. So we walk downstairs and there is the largest parade we have ever seen going on. So we make a mad dash to get some lunch, but the fans caught up with us and we signed a ton of autographs and took a bunch of photos. What a great bunch of folks in Raleigh.

Headed to the event was a short walk, acrross the street, NICE. The crowd in Raleigh was big and they were ready to party and party they did. From young ones in stollers to there Grand Parents the whole town was there yelling and a screamin. From the opening local chef through our Flare bartender to the Guy road show on stage the people never let up. Hope all enjoyed themselves cause we had a blast.

Thanks Raleigh.

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