Monday, November 30, 2009

Nockin it out in Nashville

After a quick little 12 hour drive it was time to rock it in Nashville. From the killer breakfast and the Southern hospitality we were looking forward to a great show, and boy was it. The crowd in Nashville was a good one from the rowdy people in the front to the crazy people in the back, a good time was had by all.

Thanks Nashville the Country music capital of the world.

ROCKIN Raleigh, NC

Just a 4 hr drive from Norfolk we rolled into Raleigh, NC for show number 5 in 5 days. Catching a little shut eye in the hotel it was lunch time. So we walk downstairs and there is the largest parade we have ever seen going on. So we make a mad dash to get some lunch, but the fans caught up with us and we signed a ton of autographs and took a bunch of photos. What a great bunch of folks in Raleigh.

Headed to the event was a short walk, acrross the street, NICE. The crowd in Raleigh was big and they were ready to party and party they did. From young ones in stollers to there Grand Parents the whole town was there yelling and a screamin. From the opening local chef through our Flare bartender to the Guy road show on stage the people never let up. Hope all enjoyed themselves cause we had a blast.

Thanks Raleigh.


What a time we had in Norfolk, Starting the morning off with a local TV station that was killer. Guy and the Anchor host had a great time on air, that ran into Over time. After the TV show it was off to Doumars for some lunch. (featured on triple D). With a couple of hours of down time we headed over to Verizon to get our new phones activated. DROID. Wow what a cool phone.

Then it was off to the event and it was no different than the first 3 locations, what an off da hook crowd Norfolk was full of laughs and a lot of yelling and screamin. Being a Military town there was a ton of Military present having a great time. Thanks Norfolk.

We would like to throw out a huge THANK YOU to all in the Military that keep us free so we can travel around the country and entertain everyone.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tearin it up in Connecticut

Night 3 we were headed back East to Wallingford CT. to a packed house of rowdy, crazy Guy fans. With things a movin and a shakin, choppin and smack talkin we had the attention of all when Guy decides to bring out a special guest all the way from NYC none other than Sunny Anderson. And let me tell you that girl can rock and cook. Guy and Sunny took cookin and smack talkin to a new level. The party was still going on when the show was over.

Thanks for letting us rock your house Wallingford.

Thanks Sunny for coming down and hangin with us.



Stop 2 on the tour was "PHILLY" and let me tell you did it go off like an explosion.
What an awesome venue and a crowd that was OFF DA HOOK. With the opening act from a local chef "The Cheesesteak King" doing a Southwestern Chipotle Cheesteak that was the bomb. Then it was up to WOODY our Flare Mixologist from Australia to get the crowd on there feet mixing drinks and throwin bottles all over the place.

With that said it was now "GO TIME" and let me just say it was "MUNEE" Big crowd, loud music, drinks and some KILLER food.

Thanks Philly

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Where to start, well that would be Lowell Massachusetts just outside of Boston. With nerves on edge taking the crazy, loud, Guy cooking demo to a new level never seen before. Wow and is that exactly what happened, It was loudier, crazier and completely out of bounds and off da hook mayhem at the same time. Guy leading the way with me on the right, Dirty on the left DJ cobra in the back and Stretch (from Grinders in KC) it was an hour and 25 min of complete rock and roll cooking that the crowd loved and screamed for more.

Thanks Lowell for hosting the 1st night of the 30 day 22 city rock and roll road show.

Come back and see how Philly went.


"ROCK on Cleveland"

Cleveland Definately lives up to the Cleveland Rocks slogan!!!!

Headed into Cleveland Guy and his family rolled into to Cleveland with an entourage and started the night at the Youngstown Phantoms Hockey game where Guy and Joey Fatone dropped the puck. What a great game and we wish the Phantoms continued success. "GO PHANTOMS"

Then it was off to the I X Center outside of Cleveland for 3 on stage demos and 2 book signings. All I can say is Guy has so many fans in Cleveland. The place was packed all 3 times 2000 plus each show. And the autograph sessions were 2hrs non stop. Thanks Cleveland for putting on a great show, see yah next year.


Monday, November 9, 2009


First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of Blogs, due to I went on a little Vacation before the Guy Fieri Road Tour starts.

So now time for a little update on where and what Guy is doing. With the last Triple D shoot of the year ending in the Charlotte area it was off to NYC, where the term 25/8 has now been put into affect. Guy commented that this was by far the hardest and busiest week of his life. 6 days included the Release of his 2nd Book titled More Diners Drive Ins and Dives, The Today Show, Letterman, The View, Extra, 4 Book signings 45 radio and newspaper interviews, and that is just what I know about. I do also know that I am very jealous because he got to attend the final game of the World Series.

Home this past Sunday morning for another week of radio and newspaper interviews, at least they are from the comfort of his home. Stoked to be home for a few days with Lori and the Boys and then Thursday night it is off to Cleveland for the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show. And after that we are going to rock the US with the Guy Fieri Road Show, 21 cities in 30 days. We start on November 17th in Lowell, MA (near Boston) and end December 19th in Vegas. 21 cities in 30 days.

Check to see if he is coming to a town near you!!!!

Come back and check out what is happening on the Tour, there will be daily Blogs from every venue.