Friday, September 25, 2009

Work and Travel

With a loss by the Raiders it was now back to NYC Verona,NY to be exact for the Turning Stone Food and Wine, I was told it was a great time. I didn't make this event I decided to have a little rest and relaxation in Las Vegas. Yah right relaxation in Vegas not likely. I paid my dues and enjoyed the 105 degree temps.

After the great event at Turning Stone it was back to NYC for the filming of Ultimate Recipe Showdown, with 3 days of long hard shoots it was a 6am Friday flight back home for a VIP cooking demo tomorrow at a winery close to home. Kendall Jackson and American Express have partnered to put together a cooking demo and dinner for some of there best customers.

Haven't seen Guy yet he landed early this morning and was off and running, seeing how he is back on a plane to NYC early Sunday morning for another 5 days of Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Check back the end of the year is going to "CRAZY"


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NFL is here

Monday night in Oakland, What a great game until the end, ouch!!! The Raiders give it up in the end for a loss to the Chargers. Guy, Me, Dirty, Dustin, Goriila Rich and his business partner Jeff (Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica) Mike Bear and Messer had a great time. We hung out with Kenny Stabler and Chuck Lidell and had the opportunity to meet Ice Cube what a great group of guys. We would like to thank all of the Staff at the Oakland Coliseum for making an nail bitter bad game a great time.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day down time

What a Great weekend!!!! The drive is long but so worth it. 5am on Friday morning we are headed north to Guys cabin for a well needed rest on the lake. Guy and his family with myself and Dirty p and our better halfs on the road to relaxation. We all get there about noon and got set up, then it is off for a little wake boarding and seadooing before we figure out the nights eats. I can't tell yah about the new food we made but soon enough you will see it on the Food Network, as usual it was out of bounds. Saturday rain or shine, which it was raining "all day" we did alot of cooking and alot of trap shooting, my shoulder is still sore. Sunday was relaxing and then Monday the all dreaded I dont want to go home drive, YUCK. What a great weekend with friends and family. Hope you all had a great and safe Labor Day.