Friday, September 25, 2009

Work and Travel

With a loss by the Raiders it was now back to NYC Verona,NY to be exact for the Turning Stone Food and Wine, I was told it was a great time. I didn't make this event I decided to have a little rest and relaxation in Las Vegas. Yah right relaxation in Vegas not likely. I paid my dues and enjoyed the 105 degree temps.

After the great event at Turning Stone it was back to NYC for the filming of Ultimate Recipe Showdown, with 3 days of long hard shoots it was a 6am Friday flight back home for a VIP cooking demo tomorrow at a winery close to home. Kendall Jackson and American Express have partnered to put together a cooking demo and dinner for some of there best customers.

Haven't seen Guy yet he landed early this morning and was off and running, seeing how he is back on a plane to NYC early Sunday morning for another 5 days of Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Check back the end of the year is going to "CRAZY"



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  2. Until you guys do a tailgate at Baton Rouge that show is irrelevant.I'm an OU fan but BR is off the charts.

    Enjoy the show