Sunday, November 22, 2009


Stop 2 on the tour was "PHILLY" and let me tell you did it go off like an explosion.
What an awesome venue and a crowd that was OFF DA HOOK. With the opening act from a local chef "The Cheesesteak King" doing a Southwestern Chipotle Cheesteak that was the bomb. Then it was up to WOODY our Flare Mixologist from Australia to get the crowd on there feet mixing drinks and throwin bottles all over the place.

With that said it was now "GO TIME" and let me just say it was "MUNEE" Big crowd, loud music, drinks and some KILLER food.

Thanks Philly

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  1. Hey, you described that night PERFECTLY! The music was ROCKIN'(...Tony Luke was Jammin'), the food smelled AMAZING, and the crowd was INSANE (...even Mark Summers was cheerin'). I "Double Dare" anyone to top that!

    But the real icing on the cake was meeting Guy and his crew at the end of the show. I have been such a huge fan of his flavors and shows. So "Thanks" for an OFF THE HOOK time!
    -Karen Schmidt