Monday, November 9, 2009


First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of Blogs, due to I went on a little Vacation before the Guy Fieri Road Tour starts.

So now time for a little update on where and what Guy is doing. With the last Triple D shoot of the year ending in the Charlotte area it was off to NYC, where the term 25/8 has now been put into affect. Guy commented that this was by far the hardest and busiest week of his life. 6 days included the Release of his 2nd Book titled More Diners Drive Ins and Dives, The Today Show, Letterman, The View, Extra, 4 Book signings 45 radio and newspaper interviews, and that is just what I know about. I do also know that I am very jealous because he got to attend the final game of the World Series.

Home this past Sunday morning for another week of radio and newspaper interviews, at least they are from the comfort of his home. Stoked to be home for a few days with Lori and the Boys and then Thursday night it is off to Cleveland for the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show. And after that we are going to rock the US with the Guy Fieri Road Show, 21 cities in 30 days. We start on November 17th in Lowell, MA (near Boston) and end December 19th in Vegas. 21 cities in 30 days.

Check to see if he is coming to a town near you!!!!

Come back and check out what is happening on the Tour, there will be daily Blogs from every venue.



  1. Really loved Guy in DC this past weekend. Entertaining as always, great recipe that I can adapt to gluten and dairy free. I have to say he's even better in person and better looking. Don't know how you guys can be on the road so much. Love watching, really enjoying the cookbooks and can't wait to get my knives. Keep us in the know! Thank you.

  2. Can't wait to see the Road Show in Raligh, NC next week. I'm taking my 13-year-old nephew Ben! He is crazy about Guy and got inspired to cook from Guy's cookbook that I bought him last year for Christmas. In fact, he's now working as a prep cook in a great local restaurant--Pazzo's--in Chapel Hill, NC. He absolutely loves it and I love watching him find his passion. Ben is going to be floored when I tell him we're going to see Guy and the Road Show live!!

  3. We will be at your show in Lowell, MA...Very excited about finally seeing you in person. Hope to be able to possibly say hello to you

    Methuen, MA

  4. Very entertaining show in Wallingford, CT. Great stories from Guy and a very interesting concept performed at a high level. Well Done!

  5. Great show in Cleveland; we laughed the whole time. It was SO funny when that lady wanted to touch Guy's hair!