Saturday, October 24, 2009

Salute to our Military Men & Women

Just back from a wonderful trip in "da islands" of never ending surf...jaw dropping sunsets...crazy good food...and more convenience stores per square foot than I have ever seen. And it was cool because everybody wore flip-flops just like us...they must have known we were comin'. While we were there, Lieutenent-Colonel-General Christian Vaughn (our Krew member who coordinates our Armed Forces Entertainment effort) made arrangements with the Navy for some teaching time with their culinary experts in the mess hall and then we launched a brand new demo at Bloch Arena for 1400 military troops and their families. What a great time and appreciative crowd! Guy and I were joined on stage by Guy's son Hunter who can rock a demo and apparently the young ladies like him too! And the entire day couldn't have happened without the help of Bart Bauer, and Lara Katine who were wonderful.

We cannot thank the men and women who serve our country from around the world enough...and the families who hold down the fort at home deserve a big Whahooo thank you!!!!

Guid, Christian and I did some surfing...caught some monster waves...2 foot surf is monster right? The locals nickanmed me Babaloo, which I think is Hawaiian for "wicked good surfer."

"Ya bra, you Babaloo...howzit yo shorts hang so low?"

"Cuz you scare all the whackadoo fish away...maybe better you go in.", I heard that a lot.

Then later we went backstage at the Aerosmith concert, where we met the famous Ken Onion who produces some sick knives for folks like Alton Brown. The crew around the band were awesome and when Joe Perry's wife swung by to say hi, we all just melted! Big tough Brian Gates who protects Steven Tyler took care of Hunter with guitar picks, drum sticks, and a set list that will be coveted keepsakes for years! Oh, and to Tony Fedewa and his crew back guys da bomb!


  1. Guy: you are terrific for getting over to HI to say "Hi" to the troops. Thank you for your service to your country, as they say.

    I hear you are on your way to Portland, Oregon. I have to tell you about my new favorite 'dive'. It's called "E.A.T. at Johnny's". It stands for Eggs and Toast at Johnny's.

    I can walk there from my home in Lake Oswego's historic district [a community perched between the only lake around, and the Willamette River]. A "real" town. The customers are all local regulars.

    Eggs, potatoes and a homemade biscuit for about 6 bucks! I don't eat meat, but I hear the raves for the corned beef hash with the beef in shreds instead of chops.

    They have halibat cheeks fish and chips at night, John's baby-back ribs, and his famous pulled pork sandwich. more...of course.

    The crew is great and have a unique story to tell. I'll leave that to your producers to pick-up on.

    I hope that you'll come by, and I'll encourage others to write you as well...this place is so cool.


    Alexis Wittman

  2. Just wanted to thank you for looking out for our troops and encouraging others to do the same!
    You're a great guy, good to have folks like you in the world!
    Christy Jordan

  3. Wanted to say I had a BLAST at Bloch Arena. Glad you had fun on the island!