Wednesday, October 21, 2009

N.Y.C. is STILL talkin' !!!

The opening party a Chelsea After Dark to kick of the N.Y.C. Food & Wine Festival was a showcase for Guy and it apparently rocked even the most veteran N.Y. party goers. I am still getting emails about it! The band was off the hook throughout the night, backed by a sick light box featuring a picture of Guid shot at our famous Shoreline Show...(Ok, so we brought flames on stage and threw food...enough already!).

As guests came in to the "Knucklesandwich Party Palace" inside Chelsea Market, they were greeted by a giant neon sign that signaled...leave your inhibitions at the door! As soon as Guy showed up he was mobbed by fans. Thankfully we had some top notch security (Thanks Mike!!!) fully outfitted with the stern looks, earpieces for top secret communication, and military haircuts.

For a Guy who grew up in small towns in NorCal....Guy just had to look at the Palace and the throng of fans, and the media cameras shooting everything he did and say, " did THIS happen...I am the luckiest guy in the world."

We signed autographs and partied till we closed the joint. I think everyone had a good time...I did!! Special thanks to the Brookettes from the Brooks Group who not only coordinated all the media...but helped with pictures, crowd control, and autographs. "Chachi Rocks!".

Oh, by the way....if you attended...or even heard about our party in New York....wait until you see what we have planned for the South Beach Food & Wine Festival! We are doing a party that will make N.Y.C. look like Kinder-Gym...Get your tickets now!

Ok, let's talk tiki torches, half naked drummers, limbo, rum drinks, LIVE latin music, the beach, bikinis,...oh, and our own yacht moored off-shore for special VIP get-ta-know-ya' is ON baby!

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  1. Kleetus,

    A buddy and I will be on stage at the LA stop (Universal Studios). One of my Krew has a studio on the Universal lot. I told him you were coming and he said he'd set up a VIP tour for you and some friends before the show if you're interested. Let me know.
    Dr. Rob