Thursday, April 23, 2009

09 Kick Off

09 started off running the day after New Years with a trip to Dallas, TX to shoot Triple D. Then a week at Home and off to sunny Cabo San Lucas for a Food Network special with Michael Schlow. Krew members in attendance were Dirty P, The Spaniard, Jimmy Mac and Dustin.

After Cabo the Krew headed home and Guy took off for the Big Apple for some personal appearences and returned home just in time for his BIG BDAY Bash that was coordinated by Dirty P. Let me tell you it was the Bday bash of Bday bashes what a great time.

With the Bday bash in the past Guy and Dustin (no nickname) headed back to NY City to be on David Letterman followed by Regis and Kelly. After Regis and Kelly it was back on a plane headed for Tampa. SuperBowl time in the sun.

That gets Guy and the Krew through the first month of the Year.



  1. If Guy is ever in the Yuba county area.. Plumas Lake, i have a great food for him to try !!!! I want to make it for his rest. it is the BEST dessert ever.

  2. alrite then....
    hey guy.... just checked out one of your spots today... chaps in balt.. very nice find. i got one you should check out berkeley, ca... top dog (on durant, by the campus)... check it.

  3. What if there were a guide separated by areas of the US where you could stop at the restaurants Guy visits? I would be interested in a map- east coast, midwest, west, west coast-- and take a cruise through and eat like a freak for a week...
    Mary Pat

  4. Mary Pat, may be what you're looking for. Or

  5. Thanks Dora. I checked it out and it seems that there's a ton of stuff on this Guy guy. Go Bulls.