Monday, April 27, 2009

Febuary is a little relaxing

After the Superbowl Guy came home to a crazy shoot schedule at the house with Family and Friends. People Magazine did a 2 page layout on Guy and his Family then it was Autoweek shooting the garage and all the Hotrods. When all the home shoots were done Guy took his Wife and Kids on a 10 day vacation to a warm sunny place.

Then back to reality at home for awhile spending lots of hours at the restuarants (which does not happen much with the intense on the road schedule).

It is now mid month and we are all off to Sunny Miami Beach, FL for the South Beach food and Wine Festival. Krew in attendance was everybody. Kleetus, Dirty P, Jimmy Mac, Dustin. What an event this was from Paula's after Hours Casino Party, to the Bubble Q to Rachael Ray's Burger bash it was fun in the sun and parties after dark.

Guy did Kidz kitchen (brought to you by Kelloggs) again this year with the largest turn out yet it was a packed house of SCREAMIN kids and there parents. Followed buy Guy,Kleetus and Dirty P getting in a Dunk Tank full of Milk and Fruit Loops for the kids to take their turn at trying to get us all wet.

With the food and wine festival over it is Triple D time in South Florida Ft. Lauderdale to be exact. 7 locations in 4 days what a great time, Great food in Sunny Florida. Does it get any better?

This takes Guy and the Krew through a somewhat relaxing, crazy, exciting Febuarary. Keep checkin back and see what went on in March it was "OFF DA HOOK"

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  1. I was there for the SoBe Wine & Food Fest, had a blast, attended Guy's interactive lunch, enjoyed setting the food on fire :)

    When you're back in Florida, be sure to check out Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, Fla. About 200 high-performance GM muscle cars and a diner - life is good! Place just opened in March 2009 with grand opening on May 16. I'm not a car enthusiast but am impressed by the chrome, colors, and everything that goes zoom.