Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March Madness

With the little bit of Vaca in Febuary, March started off on Day one headed to Boise, ID for a week of Triple DDD. Back in time for the weekend. It was family and friends at the house telling stories and having some laughs. (alot of laughs).

Week two of March had phone interview after phone interview. Guy the went to Johnny Garlics (his restuarant in Sacramento) for a day of in house demos, meet and greets and a bunch of autographs. With the week coming to a close it was time for Family Circle to come to the house and do a shoot with the family. The shoot is over and Guy, me of course, and Brunch head off to San Diego for a shoot with the National Pork Board.

With the shoot over it is time for dinner and we want to cook, and cook we did. WOW. We went over to Guys buddy Phil Roxworth's place (Fixtures kitchen and bath in San Diego) where he had put together one amazing outdoor kitchen that we were the first ones to cook on. We cooked for some of his VIP's and all of his staff. What a spread and great time that was. With the night over we jumped on a plane and headed to a cold rainy Portland, OR for some more awesome locations of Triple DDD. We attended some great events in Portland for St Patricks Day. Boy do the people of Portland know how to celebrate the Holiday.

What was next in March JAY LENO. With cold portland in the past and sunny Los Angeles in our sight it was a Friday night Jay Leno visit. WOW big stuff here. Jay and Guy cooked some crazy stuff and the flames were OFF DA HOOK.

The Month ended with the shooting of Guys Big Bite in New York City, which has already started airing. Tune in on Sundays at 11am/10c to see Guy in all new episode.

Get back soon April was AWESOME.


  1. Hi - a lot of buzz today in Kansas City about a Guy Fieri look-alike that fooled the local Royals reporter into a very odd interview live on the air during the Royals/White Sox game.

  2. @ Scotch, Omg, what a debacle! http://www.kansascity.com/stargazing/story/1179068.html

    K, was a pleasure to make your acquaintance the other day, Dirty P and Johnny Tile too. Speaking of the March trip to Boise, had you read http://www.idahostatesman.com/localnews/story/749711.html ? The locals are pretty broken up about it.