Saturday, May 9, 2009

Derby Time

Let me just start off with " WOW" What an awesome event from the people in the Hats and Suits to the crazy fans to the great celebrities we got to meet and hang out with.

Friday morning started off with a couple of cooking demos by Guy during brunch and some photo oppotunities. After that we had a bit of down time and headed off to the Barnstable event across town which was a red carpet event. There were a ton of celebrities that were present and 10 thousand people standing by looking for there favorite celeb to come driving up.

The next day was Derby Day and like I said WOW what an amazing venue and a great time from the food to the people. From what I could tell a great time was had by all win or lose.

After the Derby we made a phone call and took over a restuarant in Old Town Louisville called Amica, the owner let us come in and take over he kitchen for what was supposed to be 30 people but it was more like 60.

Guy and I jumped right into our 6 courses we were going to feed our guests, while Amica was still turning food for there patrons that did not even know we were coming. So once the dinning room was empty Guy and I were hittin it hard in the Kitchen we had some guest that wanted to help us cook Matt Cassell ( quarteback for the KC Chiefs) Joey Fatone,Taylor Dayne and let me tell yah Joey can cook, but Matt he should stick to throwing touchdowns. With the night coming to and end of great food and stories it was time to go to bed 5am to the airport was coming fast.

So we are off to Los angeles for a lunch at Baby Blues an AWESOME BBQ joint in Hollywood. The food was OFF DA HOOK and all left Happy, and full.

The nights event was the finale of Fantasy Rock Camp. What a killer event that was, great music and some cool folks.

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